Immediate help

Greece Due to the catastrophic conditions of the stranded, homeless refugees in Greece, on Samos and Lesbos, as well as on the mainland, we have worked together with local volunteers who form self-help groups with the refugees to provide the most basic necessities such as basic foodstuffs hygiene products clothing baby food We have funded […]

Baria project (Senegal)

Baria Baria is a town in Senegal about 7 hours’ drive from the capital Dakar. The village has just over 2000 inhabitants with almost all of whom live from subsistence agriculture. There is no power supply there although a solar-powered well to provide clean water was installed in 2018. In the village there are many […]

Help for Persian speaking visually impaired (Berlin, Germany)

In 2011 the OMID foundation began their cooperation with the KUB (Contact and Counseling for Refugees and Migrants) in Berlin, Germany.  An audio book library library was created and enlarged, enabling Persian speaking visually impaired to enjoy equal rights a nd to lead a self determined life, thus helping in reducing their trauma. In early […]

Kindergartens (Jordan Valley, Palestine)

Since 2010, the OMID foundation has been cooperating with the Medico International and the UAWC (Union of Agricultural Work Committees) for the construction of two kindergartens, accommodating about 50 to 65 children. Three kindergarten teachers have been employed and trained to take care of them. In the afternoons one of the buildings is used by […]

School (Madhya Pradesh, India)

From 2007 to 2009 the OMID Foundation, in cooperation with API (Aktionspartner Indien), supported the extension of a school and the purchase of school uniforms, shoes, stockings and school supplies in one of the poorest regions of Central India. For the teachers’ room a computer was provided, and desks and benches for the children to […]


Since 2009 the OMID foundation has been cooperating with the Alavi Charity Institution of Azarshar. The city of Azarshar has provided a property in the vicinity of Tariz. On this site a home for single old me,n many of them suffering from Alzheimer, was constructed, later on a building for orphaned boys was added. Following […]

Cameroon Lebialem Division (Cameroon, Africa)

In 2009 the OMID foundation started in cooperation with the Nkong Hill Top Common Initiative Group (NCIG) Buea Cameroon a project to help needy widows, whose husbands have died of AIDS. These women are struggling for survival and live on the edge of society. They are victims of prejudice and are accused to have caused […]

Dunja Project (Ramallah, Palestine)

Since 2012, the OMID foundation is cooperating with the Dunja Women’s Cancer Clinic in Ramallah. Due to the extraordinary psychological and physical pressure and stress of the occupation in the West bank, many cases of breast cancer especially in younger women have been diagnosed. Many cases remain undetected or are diagnosed too late because the […]

Ashtar Theater (Gaza)

During the bombing, unbearable suffering has been inflicted on the people of Gaza. We have provided emergency relief of EUR 10.000,00 through our partner Medico International and the office in Ramallah. To further help the children and youths, who have experienced such terrible tragedies as the death of their parents, families and friends, we are […]

Medical Assistance (Mozamique, Africa)

In 2007 the Omid Foundation cooperated with Medici con l’Africa CUAMM Italy and Unicef in a project to improve the medical care of HIV-positive children in the hospital in Beira. To this end 15 local aides have been trained to do lab work and run HIV-tests, distribution of medication and counseling. In addition, a motorcycle […]