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Basaeedoo and Goori pre-school & school buildings (Goori Medical Center, Qeshm)

Since 2013 the OMID foundation has been supporting the people on Qeshm island, Iran, for the construction of a new school building in Ba Saeedoo village. The students are part of an Arabic minority in Iran and are generally ignored and neglected. They mostly come from a poor background and obviously without help they would not be able to attend school. The education, learning a skill or continuing their studies in university are our priorities, providing medical help and financial assistance for young couples who often marry at an early age is also another.

Boys primary school (Basaeedoo)

The new school building was started in 2013 and was finished in 2015and in early 2016 it was opened. Nowadays 191 students (boys) 6-11 years old are studying there.





Preschool (Goori)

In April 2016 Omid foundation started the second Project in Goori village as a 3 classroom primary school and a computer workshop for high school girl students. The workshop was equipped with 10 up to date laptop computers and now it is one of the modern workshops in its kind in the region. The school building was finished in Oct. 2017 and completed with electricity, air conditioner, tables and chairs, white boards, etc. It was opened just before the end of 2017 and now 50 boys and 49 girls in primary school and 17 boys and 13 girls in pre-primary have already started their studies.



Medical clinic (Goori)


In 2019 Omid foundation started a new project in Goori village as a medical clinic to provide health care services to the people living in Goori village and 5 nearby villages. This facility will be the first one of this kind in the region. A 5000 square meters land has been allocated to this project by the local people. Leveling, cleaning, reinforcing, and other activities to prepare the land for constructing the buildings have been started from May 2019. This project consists of three different sections: The main building with 8 rooms (reception and accountancy, emergency section, 3 rooms for physicians who receive out-patients, radiography room, dentistry, and gynecology). This building is about 200 square meters. In the second section three apartments for stationed doctors, nurses and assistants. Security and parking lot are other facilities which have been provided so far.


Due to the high inflation and imposed sanctions, the poverty of the people has increased and many who have helped before have now become needy themselves. Despite this and despite Covid 19 the work was continued as this clinic would be the only point of contact for people in need and therefore had to be completed as soon as possible in this pandemic. Fortunately, we were able to finish it in march 2021 and now it is providing health services.


Preschool office Building (Goori)

The most recent project is the construction of a preschool and an office building in Goori village. This project started in 2021 and finished in early 2023 and the construction activities for both the classroom and the office are now finished.


Omid Foundation supported these projects with EUR 231,980,00.

Our goals:

  • Provide education facilities for the children
  • Attract expertise to the region and promote attractions for people to come and boost the economy
  • Provide healthcare services to the local people in that remote area
  • Provide urgent medical equipment for Gynecology, Emergency and pediatric departments