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Zainab Charity (Neka)

Since 2011, the OMID Foundation has been supporting the Zainab Charity in Neka. Here, six women volunteers have founded a center for women in need, giving them the opportunity to earn a living for themselves or their children. Initially, 15 women were employed there, but the number has increased in the meantime. They cook various meals and sweeties, which are then sold. Initially, 107 family members were fed with the proceeds; this number has also
increased. A new kitchen and bakery were set up and now more women find work there. The main concern is to build a center for defenseless and abandoned women where they can find advice and help and also have the opportunity to work or learn skills so that they can support themselves and not be exposed to the danger of prostitution, drugs and the like. Furthermore, a house has been rented for orphaned children or children who can no longer live at home. There they are cared for and receive medical help and education. A sewing workshop has been enrolled for the women to produce clothes and earn some
money for themselves. In the spring of 2019, a major flood destroyed Pol, e Dokhtar, in Lorestan province, many houses destroyed and the families lost everything. Omid Foundation helped them with basic necessities, beds, pillows, refrigerators, kitchen utensils, baby supplies, medicine, food and water. 70 families were helped. This charity is expanding the activities by establishing an industrial kitchen and sewing workshop:

  • In 2022 and 2023, cooking and baking equipment were purchased and electrical appliances renewed to provide work for more women and increase the sale of ready meals.
  • In 2024, a new refrigeration room and a professional gas stove were purchased to further increase the performance of the kitchen.

We have supported this project with 76,133.00 Euros.

Our project goal is:

  • To help this charity to expand so that more women can find work and feed their children.