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In 2007 the OMID foundation, in cooperation with the Roozbeh Charity in Zanjan, Iran, initiated an aid project for women and children that have been cast out by their families and who without financial help would be forced to live out on the street.

The community provided an old building ready for demolition, which was renovated and turned into workshop rooms. In these facilities the women are taught to prepare food and ingredients, as well as how to sew. This enables them to earn their own livelihood to support themselves and their children. They learn to cope with life and improve their situation, and some have been able to build up their own small business. This project has also supports the education of their children. During our visit were impressed by the effectiveness of these activities. The gratitude in the eyes of the women that have received help was truly moving.

We have supported the renovation, equipment and furnishings with EUR 45.000,00.