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Help for Persian speaking visually impaired (Berlin, Germany)

In 2011 the OMID foundation began their cooperation with the KUB (Contact and Counseling for Refugees and Migrants) in Berlin, Germany.  An audio book library library was created and enlarged, enabling Persian speaking visually impaired to enjoy equal rights a nd to lead a self determined life, thus helping in reducing their trauma.

In early summer of 2011, the project Braille Bar was initiated. This project allows visually impaired Iranians who receive only minimal disability benefits to be reintegrated in their jobs. Until recently the visually impaired were able to work as switchboard operators, but when the system was changes to computers, their lost their jobs. A braille bar is the solution but unaffordable in Iran. The KUB bought used Braille bars from Germany and a blind KUB employee took them to Iran, where the visually impaired are trained to use the device. In addition, MP3 players were taken to Iran, so that people in need are able ti participate in the audio book program.

Beginning of Spring 2019, we have supported German courses on the premises of KUB, Oranienstrasse, Berlin. Those classes are provided regardless of the legal status and financial means – for those particularly affected by discrimination due to their difficult situation in life. These low threshold offers are specially important for them, because they often are not accepted by other providers. Women are able to bring their small children along; short excursions are planned for them and access to cultural life in Berlin is encouraged.

Due to the pandemic and the very poor situation of the migrant women in Berlin, specially mothers with children, we have shifted the focus on current emergency aid.

All this have been supported with 82.614,00 euros.