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Dunja Project (Ramallah, Palestine)

Since 2012, the OMID foundation is cooperating with the Dunja Women’s Cancer Clinic in Ramallah. Due to the extraordinary psychological and physical pressure and stress of the occupation in the West bank, many cases of breast cancer especially in younger women have been diagnosed. Many cases remain undetected or are diagnosed too late because the women mainly living in the villages are held back from going to the screening checkups by the wall and the many check points. We are supporting a training project for gynecologists, health workers and medical students to hold classes teaching self-examination in cooperation with the local women’s committees. If cancer is suspected, they assist the patient to undergo further examination in Ramallah, which increases the chances for survival. Since breast cancer is still a taboo subject in the village communities, more education and information is urgently needed.


We have supported this project with EUR 15.000,00