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Ashtar Theater (Gaza)

During the bombing, unbearable suffering has been inflicted on the people of Gaza. We have provided emergency relief of EUR 10.000,00 through our partner Medico International and the office in Ramallah. To further help the children and youths, who have experienced such terrible tragedies as the death of their parents, families and friends, we are participating in a program designed to help them cope with their traumas. This program includes a play staged in cooperation with the “KinderKulturKarawane”. The play “Gaza Monologue”, performed by children from Palestina, portrays the devastating situation of the people in Gaza and has been shown in 15 cities. In cooperation with the Ashtar Theater, our share has been in establishing a summer camp, where these traumatized youths learn to open up and to express their fears, helping them to cope with their situation.

So far we have supported the Gaza project with EUR 20.000,00.