Table of Contents

Immediate help


Due to the catastrophic conditions of the stranded, homeless refugees in Greece, on Samos and Lesbos, as well as on the mainland, we have worked together with local volunteers who form self-help groups with the refugees to provide the most basic necessities such as

  • basic foodstuffs

  • hygiene products

  • clothing

  • baby food

We have funded this with Euro 17,000 in 2021.

Lagos (Nigeria)

In order to protect deported traumatized refugees upon arrival in Lagos Nigeria  we have rented a shelter  in Lagos together with the association Flüchtlinge für Flüchtlinge e.V. ( Refugees for Refugees) where the particularly severely traumatized people, mainly women and children, find a place to stay until they know where they can go. The DERS Team takes care of them in the onward journey to their families or even if they can not return there to find an apartment or a room in a safe environment if necessary also help in finding work.

This was supported with Euro 20.000.00