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Kindergartens (Jordan Valley, Palestine)

Since 2010, the OMID foundation has been cooperating with the Medico International and the UAWC (Union of Agricultural Work Committees) for the construction of two kindergartens, accommodating about 50 to 65 children. Three kindergarten teachers have been employed and trained to take care of them. In the afternoons one of the buildings is used by the local women’s committees and the second one is used for the weekly mobile clinic of the Health Work Committee. The objective of the project is to improve the civilian infra structure of the villages. In the Jordan valley many villages are cut off from water and electricity by the settlements and security zones. The building of wells is not permitted and as a result the population is barely able to make a living and depends on outside assistance. During our visit in Palestine we were able to experience firsthand that these relief measures are absolutely needed. The kindergartens were received with great enthusiasm by the children and their families.

We have assumed payment of two thirds of the cost for the construction, a total amount of EUR 40.000,00.